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At Bates FMC we work with our customers, firstly building an asset register and condition report, then our team produce the planned maintenance schedule, including tasks to achieve regulatory compliance and demonstrate due diligence; outlining the visits required and the dates that Bates FMC will turn up to undertake the works. The program can be tailored to your businesses current needs and demands. A well-managed PPM schedule will reduce the lifecycle cost of plant and equipment, directly improving the bottom line figure of our customers businesses.

“Planned Preventive Maintenance (‘PPM’) or more usually names just Planned Maintenance (PM) is any variety of scheduled maintenance to an object or equipment. Specifically, Planned Preventative Maintenance is a scheduled service visit carried out by a competent and suitable Engineer to ensure that an item of equipment is operating correctly and to therefore avoid any unscheduled breakdown and costly downtime”

When a business has plant and equipment that requires regular maintenance, the business normally decides on a maintenance philosophy that will best suit the business’ needs or preferences. With planned preventative maintenance, all maintenance is planned in advance; this means the business will be aware of when they will be having work undertaken. At Bates Facilities Maintenance and Construction we partner with our client to take away the burden of planning and booking maintenance visits. We make sure all your plant is fully serviced and your business is compliant with legislation around M&E, HVAC and other related property requirements.

Bates FMC will produce detailed records of work done, the person responsible, and when they were completed. The formalisation of planned maintenance in this manner should help ensure that tasks are carried out at the correct frequency and will highlight ongoing problems. Bates FMC will produce and update the site specific maintenance log, detailing all works undertaken on plant and equipment throughout your facility.

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